Tree Assistance Program Available to Help with Commercial Tree Loss

Another assistance program available for pecan growers in the state include the Tree Assistance Program (TAP). TAP is offered to eligible commercial growers that have experienced tree mortality in excess of 18 percent due to a natural disaster. TAP is also available to other type of orchards, vineyards, and nursery tree growers. Tree, vine or bush mortality must exceed 18% to qualify. Those affected must contact their county FSA office to apply for assistance within 90 of the disaster or when the loss is apparent.

Reimbursement will be for the cost of replanting and/or rehabilitating trees damaged, in excess of 18% mortality. For those lost trees, payment can be made for replanting and the cost of replacement trees, vines or bushes. The payment will be set as the lesser of: up to 65% of actual cost of the practice or the total amount, calculated using rates established by FSA for the practice.

For damaged trees, reimbursement can be made for the cost of pruning, removal or other costs incurred for salvaging existing trees, bushes, or vines, or in the case of mortality, to prepare the land to replant trees, bushes, or vines. The payment will be set as the lesser of: 50% of the actual cost of the practice, or the total amount, calculated using rates established by FSA for the practice

Eligible producers are not required to own the land where trees, bushes, or vines are planted and an Individual or entity who planted or is a successor to trees through legal ownership and receives commercial benefit shall be considered an eligible owner for TAP.

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