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Jul 30, 2019

Hosted by Noble Research Institute

Alternate bearing in pecans leads to problems associated with consistent production, quality and pricing. Join us to learn how to determine crop load on trees and how to properly thin the crop to improve the current season’s quality and the following year’s production. 

Hosted by Noble Research Institute

With the extreme environmental swings that we are experiencing, irrigation is critical for maximizing production and profitability in pecans. This course will allow you to gain a better understanding of different irrigation systems and the technologies you can use to develop irrigation scheduling.

Guest Speakers:
  • Josh Brown, Irrigation-Mart

  • Michael Pippen, Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Sep 03, 2019

Hosted by Noble Research Institute

There is a growing demand for pecans as more people are discovering the many health benefits associated with this native nut. Pecan culture presents unique management challenges not to mention the need for specialized equipment. Join Noble Research Institute horticulturists as they review the various production and management practices required for successful pecan production.

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